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Watch our Live Lessons on demand and find additional resources to support the Lessons in you classroom.


RSC actors answer students' questions from all over the world on camera.

Find the answers to more student questions on the Homework Help page

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Our Text Detectives films are short videos featuring our actors explaining different elements of Shakespeare's language, with extracts from performances and accessible discussion of what's happening in the text and how they break it down to speak the words on stage. 

Shakespeare Unlocked

Created in collaboration with the BBC, Shakespeare Unlocked explores scenes from two of Shakespeare's most studied plays.

In the gallery below you will find performance clips and discussion on Act 1 Scene 7,  Act 2 Scene 2 and Act 5 Scene 1 from Macbeth.

In this gallery you will find performance clips and discussion on Act 2 Scene 2,  Act 3 Scene 1 and Act 3 Scene 5 from Romeo and Juliet.

We recommend you watch the scene first and then the workshop films, exploring some of the choices that the RSC actors and director have to make in that scene. For more video and content exploring Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth visit the Shakespeare Learning Zone


Watch two full length productions created specially for young people, on YouTube.

The RSC Acting Companies are generously supported by The Gatsby Charitable Foundation and The Kovner Foundation



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