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A woman wearing a white flowing dress with a colourful overgarment and black headdress pointing at her head with one hand and point away from her with the other
Taya Ming as Hero
Photo by Ikin Yum © RSC Browse and license our images

Much Ado About Nothing Live Lesson

The Live Lesson is approximately 1 hour long but as an on-demand video, you can watch it at your own speed, focus on key elements or pause for in-class discussions.

The link below will take you through to YouTube where you can watch the Live Lesson on-demand. If you need help setting up to watch the broadcast, please read our Technical Requirements. If you are still experiencing technical problems, you can contact our team at schoolsbroadcast@rsc.org.uk


About the production

The lesson is linked to the 2022 production of Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Roy Alexander Weise (joint Artistic Director of the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester). Set designed by the award-winning Jemima Robinson, the production features costume designs by Melissa Simon-Hartman, who has designed for Beyoncé and Notting Hill Carnival, and an original score by Nigerian-born British guitarist and MOBO award-nominated musician Femi Temowo whose past collaborators include Amy Winehouse and The Roots.

Director Roy Alexander Weise describes his approach to the production as: 

"Shakespeare was all too aware of the creative potential that came with setting his plays in imagined worlds… or at least worlds unfamiliar to his audience at the time. Far off landscapes like Antium, Ephesus, Syria, Venice and Verona were as far removed from the world of 16th century England as the future feels to us today, providing Shakespeare with the perfect canvas on which to paint. Living in a 21st Century global society, our world is much smaller and more connected, which is why I wanted to explore what a futuristic vision of society might look like; what has the potential to be different, what potential is there for change, and equally what fundamental aspects of the human condition remain unchanged?”.

Find out more

See some production images below showcasing some of the costumes designed by Melissa Simon-Hartman. 


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