The RSC has launched a three-year partnership with Montclair State University

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Artist Residency

Our programme of work with Montclair State University began in September 2023 with a two week residency on campus in New Jersey. Acting and Musical Theater students took part in a series of workshops led by three RSC practitioners, actor Emma Manton and directors Ewa Dina and Aaron Parsons, exploring Shakespeare’s language and plays through practical exploration and staging. 

The students were then able to put their learning into practice with a script in hand performance of Richard III, performing to an audience in the Memorial Auditorium on campus.

“It’s been a real honor for the RSC to spend an intensive two weeks with the faculty and students of Montclair. We have been privileged to work with students, many of whom had reservations about Shakespeare and who have grasped his words with such insight and enthusiasm,” said the company’s Head of Learning Fi Ingram.

College of the Arts Dean Daniel Gurskis said, “Working with members of the Royal Shakespeare Company in the environment of an intensive, extended residency is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our theater students. I am confident that five or 10 or even 15 years from now, not only will these students vividly remember this residency, but they will also continue to find new ways to apply what they have learned.”

The RSC & Montclair State University are now working in collaboration to develop a programme for the second year of the partnership with ambition to extend the breadth and depth of the programme across other departments and the wider Montclair arts and education community.

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Montclair State University student

'Before this, I could never see myself in Shakespeare - I just didn't think it was for me. But now - that Julius Caesar that you showed us - I've never seen anything like that in my life! It made me feel seen and that, plus the classes makes me feel like I can do this now’

Montclair State University student

'I was feeling really creatively disengaged before this, but I feel more connected to my craft now and it has helped me find my love for acting again'

091523_02716_Shakespeare - Richard III
Photo by Mike Peters © Montclair State University Browse and license our images

About Montclair State University 

Montclair State University is a university with a public purpose — one that not only creates transformational opportunities for students, but also partners with communities to make a difference in the lives of others.

Recognised as one of the most inclusive and best value universities in the US and ranked No. 21 in social mobility.  It recently ranked among the top universities in the nation in The Wall Street Journal/ College Pulse 2024 Best Colleges in the U.S, which measured the extent to which a college boosts its graduates’ salaries beyond what they would be expected to earn regardless of what school they attended.

“We are achieving life-changing outcomes for a highly diverse student body without compromising rigor or quality. These rankings are the latest testament that ours is an educational model that truly serves the public good.” Montclair President Jonathan Koppell


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