RSC Learning is in its eighth year of working in an exclusive partnership with Dulwich College International, delivering an arts education programme in seven of its schools across Asia.

The partnership

The collaboration includes a wide variety of exciting and unique opportunities for students aged 5 to 18 to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Shakespeare’s works through using tried and tested strategies from the RSC’s rehearsal rooms. Our programme of work includes CPD sessions with teachers across the network of schools, artist residencies in schools across Asia, and an annual Shakespeare Festival, delivered as part of EiM’s holistic Worldwise Events programme. Students have also had the opportunity to see the RSC's Matilda The Musical as part of the production's international tour. In November 2022, students from Dulwich College Seoul attended the show performance at the D-Cube Theatre in Seoul, South Korea, the first foreign language production of the show. In March 2024, Dulwich College (Singapore) also watched Matilda The Musical at Marina Bay Sands.

More about our work with Dulwich College

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Dulwich Shakespeare Festival 2023

In October 2023, six Associate Learning Practitioners travelled to Beijing as part of our eighth year of working in partnership with Dulwich College International. They curated the first in-person Shakespeare Festival since 2019, focusing on the theme of Reconnection. Seven schools, 104 students and 12 teachers took part in a series of workshops including teachers CPD, exploring the use of language and characters in Much Ado about Nothing, Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The week ended with students performing their own devised pieces inspired by the Reconnection theme using Shakespeare’s language.

More about Dulwich Shakespeare Festival

Edgar Zillmann, Head of Events and Educational Partnerships, Education in Motion

"Our enduring partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company is a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled learning experiences through our unique Worldwise Events programme. Witnessing our students reconnecting and thriving in this vibrant environment reaffirms the immense value such collaborations bring to our school communities. This festival is not just a cultural event; it's a cornerstone of our educational philosophy, fostering growth, understanding, and a deep appreciation for the arts in our students."

David Fitzgerald, Global Director of Education, International, Education in Motion

"One of our core values is being a family of schools, and events like the Dulwich Shakespeare Festival allow us to truly live that value. We have students coming together, we have teachers coming together. We have parents coming together… It's wonderful.”

About Education in Motion

Dulwich College International Schools and Dulwich College International High Schools are part of the wider Education in Motion family, which aspires to be a global leader in pioneering education for a sustainable future. 

EiM was established in recognition of the need to connect a diverse range of educational offerings, and today EiM’s portfolio also includes Dehong®, Green School International, Hochalpines Institut Ftan AG, Wo Hui Mandarin, and EiM Ventures. EiM supports each of these groups with a strong commitment to nurturing students who can make a positive impact on society and the planet. With a learning community of more than 11,000 students, EiM is able to scale learnings, opportunities and resources across its family, enabling it to be at the cutting-edge of education innovation.

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