Kenneth Branagh played Hamlet for the fourth time in our 1992 production of Hamlet directed by Adrian Noble.

David Lister, critic for The Independent, rounds up the critical opinion of Branagh's performance:
' ... the critics found it harder to make up their minds than the prince himself, covering the whole spectrum of emotions from 'The great Hamlet of our time' (Jack Tinker, Daily Mail), through a 'slower, more reflective and movingly filial prince' (Paul Taylor, The Independent) to 'Branagh leaves me lukewarm and underwhelmed... he has still to prove himself a major Shakespearian. Branagh finds passion or rage daunting.' (Nicholas De Jongh, London Evening Standard)...'

The Independent, 23 December 1992

Of the play's design, Dr Nick Walton of Shakespeare Birthplace Trust says:
'Adrian Noble decided to set the play in a disintegrating Edwardian world which gave it a thick layer of melancholy. Many people felt this production had the feel of a play by Chekhov or Ibsen because of its emphasis upon the breakup of a family.'

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