David Farr's production of Hamlet in 2013 featured Jonathan Slinger in the title role, Pippa Nixon as a terrorised Ophelia, Greg Hicks as Claudius and Charlotte Cornwell as Gertrude.

Designer Jon Bausor moved Elsinore from medieval Denmark to a run down gym in the 1960s.

David Farr said that Hamlet is the character that audiences most want to save or fall in love with. His production focused on the vulnerability of the character and his inability to deal with death and loss. Jonathan Slinger argued that it was impossible to pin Hamlet down because he's such a contradictory character who defies definition.

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Karen Archer - Player Queen
Cliff Burnett - Player King 
Charlotte Cornwell - Gertrude
Kiza Deen - Courtier
Daniel Easton - Reynaldo 
David Fielder - First Gravedigger/Voltemand 
Dave Fishley - Barnardo 
Michael Grady-Hall - Osric 
Greg Hicks - Claudius/Ghost 
Rosie Hilal - Second Gravedigger 
Mark Holgate - Francisco
Chris Jared - Fortinbras
Natalie Klamar - Courtier/Student/Player 
Pippa Nixon - Ophelia
Luke Norris - Laertes 
Oliver Ryan - Rosencrantz 
Jonathan Slinger - Hamlet 
Robin Soans - Polonius 
John Stahl - Priest/Player 
Samuel Taylor - Marcellus 
Nicolas Tennant - Guildenstern 
Alex Waldmann - Horatio


Director - David Farr
Designer - Jon Bausor 
Lighting - Jon Clark
Music - David Sawer
Sound - Gareth Fry
Movement - Joseph Alford and Carolina Valdés
Fights - Kate Waters

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