We've been asking RSC actors your questions for #RSCHomeworkHelp. Take a look at their answers here.

Lots of RSC artists have been answering your #RSCHomeworkHelp questions. Whether they're about specific plays, speeches or line you've been finding difficult, or about how actors and directors work together - thank you for all your questions!

We have answers below from Paapa Essiedu, Niamh Cusack, David Bradley, David Threlfall and David Tennant. 


We've arranged the questions, and answers, into different headings below. Take a look and see if you can find yours!

We've had so many questions that we're still busy answering them, and will be adding videos and written answers here until the end of May, so don't forget to keep looking.

Questions about Acting and Directing

  • What do you most want to see from a director?

  • Do you have any tips for playing unlikeable characters?

  • How do you start rehearsing at the RSC?

  • Has anything ever gone wrong on stage?

  • Do you have any advice for performing on 'Zoom'?

  • Do you have any tips for memorising lines?

  • How do you work on your part outside rehearsal?

  • How do you get invited or chosen to be in a play?

Questions about Shakespeare

  • What makes Shakespeare different to others, like Webster?

  • What is your understanding of Sonnet 15?

  • How do the actors know what gestures to use?

  • How do you help the audience to understand?

  • How do you approach adapting or 'updating' a play?

  • Which is your favourite Shakespeare play?

  • Does it work to swap the genders of characters?

  • Are Shakespearean roles more difficult than others?

  • Can the language be a barrier?

Questions about Tragedies

  • If Julius Caesar was a radio play how would you do the assassination scene?

  • Why would Friar Laurence marry Romeo and Juliet?

  • Which sister in King Lear is worse, Goneril or Regan?

  • Is there a comparison to be made between Hamlet and 'young' Fortinbras?

  • What inspired Shakespeare to write Macbeth?

  • Why are there so many different ways of playing Hamlet?

  • How does Queen Mab represent death?

  • When Juliet challenges social norms, was Shakespeare making a judgement?

  • How would you update the servants in Romeo and Juliet?

  • What motivates Othello to kill Desdemona?

Questions about Comedies

  • How do you tackle the ending of Measure for Measure?

  • What is the plot of Twelfth Night?

  • What do actors like to stand out in comedies?

  • How is 'Time' presented in The Winter's Tale?

Questions about Histories

  • In Queen Margaret's monologue what does 'raught' mean?

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