The Swan Theatre is one of three theatres which are all part of the Royal Shakespeare Company (also known as the RSC).

the outside of the Swan Theatre from the front with blue sky
The Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
Photo by Sara Beaumont © RSC Browse and license our images

Entering the building

You can enter the building by going up the steps and through the big doors. 

Or you can head up the side for the step-free access route.


The front of the Swan Theatre building, with the Tower in the background



Side entrance to the Swan Theatre from the outside of the building showing a revolving door


Security and bag checks

  • Our staff will greet you and ask to check your bag if you have one

  • We don’t allow glass bottles or hot drinks into the auditorium

  • For our Relaxed performances you are welcome to bring your tablets, headphones, fidget toys and ear defenders

  • You can eat food and drink brought from our outlets while seated in the auditorium

Woman at a desk outside the theatre with a torch checking a bag

Inside the Building

You will see the Box Office, shop and foyer at the main entrance. 

These areas can get quite busy before a performance as everyone will be waiting to go into the theatre auditorium.

There are also cafes and bars, and calmer spots that our staff can direct you to. 


People milling around the RSC Shop


The Swan Bar with wood panelling and cushioned seating

Front of House Assistants

Our staff members who welcome you and help you find your way around are called Front of House Assistants. If you need help or have any questions, they are there to help you

There’s a Cloakroom near the main entrance where you can leave your coat or bag during the event, if you’d like to.


Two people standing in front of a set of wooden double doors


The Cloakroom

Getting to your seats

The Front of House Assistants will let you know when it's time to find your seats.

For the Ground, you can enter on the ground level, by going up a few steps.

For Gallery 1 and 2 you go up the red carpeted steps.

We also have lifts to every level.


The lift that goes up to the Swan Theatre
Red carpeted stairs up to the Swan gallery

Inside the auditorium

You can sit on three levels of the auditorium. 

  • Ground

  • Gallery 1 

  • Gallery 2 

The stage is called a ‘thrust’ stage, so you sit on three sides. 

We have ‘voms’ which are pathways the actors use to enter and exit the stage area. 

Swan Theatre auditorium inside

Arrange Familiarisation Visit

If you want to visit the theatre before the event, you can arrange a visit. To organise this please email or call 01789 331275.

Thank you for visiting us at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Download and print the Swan theatre Social Story (PDF).