By partnering with the RSC, you create instant brand association with a partner of high quality and success.

A name tag on a round dinner table reading: Richard Burton, Henry V, next to a polished bronze helmet with black tassel
Supporters Evening 2015
  • We are the best known theatre company in the UK
  • 82% of the UK population are aware of the RSC
  • Those aged 16-24 are amongst those most likely to have seen advertising from the RSC
  • 44% of the general population recognise the RSC logo, placing the RSC ahead of all other UK theatre organisations.

A Brand Partnership with the RSC is cost effective above-the-line marketing, which provides you with consistent visibility amongst over half a million ticket buyers each year, as well as much wider press coverage and the prestige of association with our High Quality and World Class cultural brand.

As a partner to the RSC we are able to offer you the following benefits:

Brand building: 

Your brand credited as sponsors on our print (season brochures, programmes, annual reports etc), online promotions (website, e-news) and social media.

PR and media plan: 

A full package of benefits and a PR strategy will be devised according to your company's needs, with the potential to develop the CSR and community relations aspect of such an initiative. This can include dedicated media launch, promotional strategies and presence across all communications around the scheme.

Promotions and product placements: 

Advertising to segmented RSC audiences in print and on-line; use of RSC brand and IP in your own marketing activity (subject to agreement and approval).

Employee and client hospitality: 

Opportunity to create branded entertainment spaces in our theatres, offering high-level hospitality service to invited guests which can include access to the our acting company.

Contact us

To discuss how supporting the RSC can work with your company's strategy, please contact:

Evie Hone
Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager

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