Six reasons to work with us

We work with a wide range of Corporate Partners, Donors and Supporters. Partnering with us allows organisations to engage with a wider audience and brings about mutually beneficial outcomes.

High international visibility and brand exposure through association with the RSC’s well-respected cultural brand.

Build credible relationships with existing and potential clients by providing exposure to some of the UK’s top cultural offering, while demonstrating support of real community transformation projects. 

Strengthening employee relationships and boosting staff morale with rewards and incentives for employees, and opportunities to unlock Shakespeare for their families and communities.

Access to a wide range of target audiences for your business through RSC communications and brand alignment.

A relaxed environment for corporate entertainment with bespoke premium experiences including behind-the-scenes access and insight from acting companies and creative teams.

Networking with high-level business and community leaders who support us and attend our productions at events, from press nights up to our annual Artistic Director's Dinner.

To discuss how supporting the RSC can work with your company's strategy, please contact:

Evie Hone
Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager

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