This distilled version of The Comedy of Errors was specially created for schools and family audiences in association with acclaimed theatre company, Told by an Idiot.

To the delight of thousands of children in the audiences, Shakespeare's funny story was matched with equal visual humour in the costumes and props, which included over-sized false noses and bosoms made of footballs.

A man wearing a white fur hat, draped in floral fabric and hanging two footballs around his chest shouts into an amplifier as schoolchildren watch
The children in the audience can't hide their delight at the appearance of the Cook (Dharmesh Patel).

Director Paul Hunter was keen to use any musical skills the actors had, no matter how rusty. Members of the cast swapped roles regularly, moving 'off-stage' to accompany a scene on an instrument, and vice versa. Especially memorable characters were the tap-dancing Abbess and spoons-playing Antipholus twins.

The production played at the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon and toured to schools in Warwickshire, the North East and London, before being performed in New York alongside the RSC repertoire at the Lincoln Center in 2011.

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This production of The Comedy of Errors was recorded by Digital Theatre and is available to download (for a fee) from their website.
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David Carr - Egeon
Dyfan Dwyfor - Dromio of Ephesus
Christine Entwisle - Adriana
Mariah Gale - Courtesan
Richard Katz - Antipholus of Syracuse
Debbie Korley - Luciana
Jonjo O'Neill - Dromio of Syracuse
Dharmesh Patel - Angelo
Peter Peverley - Balthazar
Sophie Russell - Abbess
James Traherne - Solinus
James Tucker - Antipholus of Ephesus


Director - Paul Hunter
Designer - Michael Vale
Music - Iain Johnstone
Associate Director - Hayley Carmichael

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