For Film and Television (Hirer event)

Saturday 5 November 2016, 2.00 - 6.00pm, £39

The Breakout Room @ The Other Place

"If you have a story to tell, this is how to tell it."

What makes a good film great? In this inspiring new workshop, illustrated by action adventure classic Raiders of the Lost Ark, screenwriters Adam and Barbara Fox share how to structure, write and craft a compelling story for the screen.

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Adam and Barbara Fox


SATURDAY 5 NOVEMBER 2016, 2.00 – 6.00pm


Welcome and Introduction

Coming Soon


The Hero

Antagonistic Forces

Act One - Setting Everything Up

Writing Creative Exposition

Maps In Movies

The 'Quest' Script

Using A MacGuffin

The Movie Moment

Act Two - Part One: The Quest Begins

The Spielberg Effect

The Mid-Point




Act Two - Part Two: Problems & Obstacles

Creative Heroes

Master Of Your Universe

After Fade To Black

Act Three - Facing The Enemy


Question and Answer


Roll Credits

(Elements of the workshop schedule may change prior to the event.)


At this workshop, Adam and Barbara will also be introducing ‘Stratford Screenwriters’, a new screenwriters' group that will meet at The Other Place to read through and discuss members' story concepts, treatments and scripts. This is a 'next-step' class that will be available to attendees of any of the screenwriting workshops.

Adam and Barbara Fox have been professional writer/director/producers for more than twenty-five years. They have worked for the BBC, produced international bestselling series for Channel 4, and have recently returned from five years working in Hollywood on television and film projects. Having written their first script for the BBC in 1989, their highly regarded Screenwriter Workshops draw on a wide-ranging industry experience.

Being held for the first time in the UK, this series of workshops can be enjoyed individually or built into a complete course on the art and craft of screenwriting. Each workshop focuses on a different movie genre with a different type of script and highlights different screenplay techniques to uncover what makes a good film great.

Through illustrated examples, you will discover how to apply these timeless principles of storytelling to your own script. These unique workshops provide a wealth of knowledge and understanding that can be applied equally to all forms of story: radio and advertising, video games and novels, television and movies.

Whether you’re already a screenwriter with a script to edit, an aspiring screenwriter with a great story idea, a novelist, a copywriter, or someone who simply wants to know how a film works from behind the scenes, this is the workshop for you. Welcome To The Inside Story Of Screenplay!

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