Salome is topless against a green background and is covered in gold paint


Oscar Wilde

The 2017 production of Oscar Wilde’s lyrical one-act drama revelled in the beauty of this poetic masterpiece.

Imprisoned by a fearful Herod, the prophet Jokanaan rejects the sexual advances of Herod’s stepdaughter, Salomé. When she is compelled by Herod to dance, Salomé is filled with lust-driven revenge and demands the head of the prophet as payment.

Salomé has fascinated and inspired artists across the ages. Oscar Wilde’s lyrical one-act drama – originally banned in Britain – reinvents Salomé as a powerful and enigmatic figure, both erotic and chaste.

Marking 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales, Owen Horsley (Associate Director on the King & Country season) directed a new, contemporary take on Oscar Wilde’s classic, placing sexual ambiguity at the core, with music by American artist Perfume Genius.



Herodias - Suzanne Burden
Page of Herodias - Andro Cowperthwaite
Naaman / singer - Ilan Evans
Iokanaan - Gavin Fowler
Jew - Bally Gill
Soldier - Robert Ginty
Soldier - Ben Hall
Nazarene - Christopher Middleton
Soldier - Miles Mitchell
Nazarene - Byron Mondahl
Herod - Matthew Pidgeon
Salomé - Matthew Tennyson
Jew - Jon Trenchard
Tigellinus - Johnson Willis
Jew - Simon Yadoo
Young Syrian - Assad Zaman


Director - Owen Horsley
Designer - Bretta Gerecke
Lighting - Kristina Hjelm
Music - Perfume Genius
Sound - Helen Atkinson
Movement - Polly Bennett
Fights - Rachel Bown-Williams and Ruth Cooper-Brown