Two men and a woman brandishing a fan in flamboyant restoration clothing.

Love For Love

William Congreve

William Congreve’s glorious Restoration comedy of mischief, money and madness played in the Swan Theatre from October 2015 to January 2016

'The miracle today is that we find a lover true: not that a woman's kind'

Valentine, Sir Sampson's dissolute eldest son, finds himself at a standstill; the only way out of his financial difficulties is to give in to his father's pressure to sign over his right of inheritance to his younger brother.

Seeing a chance to escape his debtors Valentine accepts the deal but, fearing he will now be spurned by his beloved Angelica, takes drastic action to ensure he retains what is rightfully his.

Selina Cadell (The Rivals, Arcola Theatre 2014) made her RSC directorial debut with Congreve's glorious Restoration comedy where love for love is stronger than love for money.