Discover inspiring new ways of helping your students unlock Shakespeare, extend your repertoire and deepen your engagement with the evidence base underpinning our rehearsal room approaches.

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Course content

The intermediate course will cover the following: 

  • Deepening understanding of RSC rehearsal room pedagogy to explore ways to approach Shakespeare’s plots, language and characters with your students
  • Introducing ways of working that ensure your students can engage with Shakespeare as a writer with contemporary relevance to our world today.
  • Providing tools for recognising and challenging the racism, ableism, sexism and religious intolerance in the plays
  • Providing ideas on adapting approaches to different classrooms or learning spaces
  • Helping you to build a classroom that enables all your students to engage with Shakespeare. In particular we will focus on inclusive practice and stretching and supporting higher attainers.
  • Encouraging you to engage more with the evidence-base about the impact of this way of working and arts learning more generally 
  • Developing your own abilities to capture and reflect on how rehearsal room approaches affect student attitudes and outcomes
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At the time of going to print, we assume courses will take place in person in Stratford-upon-Avon at the Clore Learning Centre, Waterside, CV37 6BB. We will apply the relevant government guidelines to our working practices