Nigel Barrett played the doomed Caesar, Thalissa Teixeira wielded both power and the knife as Brutus, and the production toured to nine partner venues across the UK.

Joshua Dunn as Cinna the Poet with Annabel Baldwin as Soothsayer on his back. The Soothsayer’s left hand is placed on top of Cinna’s head and the other hand in his mouth. Behind are people stood in a line with hands up in front of their faces
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Julius Caesar. A divisive leader who holds awesome power.

Concerned that Caesar poses a threat to democracy, revolutionaries take the violent decision to murder him. They have no plan for what comes next. As the world spins out of control, chaos, horror and superstition rush in to fill the void. Civil war erupts and a new leader must rise: but at what cost?

Shakespeare’s political thriller exposes the ambiguous morality in trying to shift power. As we rage against the crises surrounding us, how far will each of us go for our political principles?

Atri Banerjee was listed in The Stage 25 as one to watch in 2022 and previously won Best Director at The Stage Debut Awards in 2019. This was the first show he directed for the RSC.

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Jamal Ajala - Lucius
Mercedes Assad - Marullus/Artemidorus
Annabel Baldwin - Cassius
Nigel Barrett - Julius Caesar
Matt Ray Brown - Cicero
Matthew Bulgo - Casca
Ella Dacres - Octavius Caesar
Joshua Dunn - Cinna The Poet/Popilius/Carpenter
Katie Erich - Caius Ligarius/Cobbler
Niamh Finlay - Soothsayer
Gina Isaac - Decius Brutus
Robert Jackson - Flavius/Cinna The Conspirator
Tom Kanji - Metellus Cimber/Lepidus
Nadi Kemp-Sayfi - Portia
Jimena Larraguivel - Calpurnia/Pindarus
Pedro Leandro - Trebonius
William Robinson - Mark Antony
Thalissa Teixeira - Brutus



Director - Atri Banerjee
Designer - Rosanna Vize
Costumes - Rosanna Vize and Tomás Palmer
Lighting - Lee Curran
Music - Jasmin Kent Rodgman
Sound - Claire Windsor
Movement - Jennifer Jackson
Fight Directors - Rachel Bown-Williams and Ruth Cooper-Brown
Animation - Adam Sinclair
Music Director - Lindsey Miller
Voice and Text - Alison Bomber
Associate Director - Lucy Waterhouse
Associate Music Directors - Katherine Gillham and Helen Washington
Assistant Director - Chloe Christian
Dramaturg - Rejane Collard-Walker and Bridget Escolme
Casting Director - Matthew Dewsbury CDG

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