Lucy Bailey made her RSC debut to direct the RSC Ensemble with Sam Troughton as Brutus, John Mackay as Cassius and Greg Hicks in the title role.

The Arts Desk wrote that the production 'brings cinematic scope and contemporary gore to its treachery, demanding that its audience lend not only ears, but eyes, stomach and imagination to the action.'

After opening at The Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon in May 2009, the production transferred to the Roundhouse, London in January 2010, and in 2011 played in the Lincoln Center, New York.


Joseph Arkley - Remus/Artemidorus/Octavius 
Adam Burton - Cimber/Titinius 
Brian Doherty - Decius Brutus/Poet 
Darrell D'Silva - Mark Antony 
Noma Dumezweni - Calphurnia 
Phillip Edgerley - Flavius/Popilius/Antony's Servant/Volumnius 
James Gale - Cicero/Caesar's Servant/Lepidus/Dardanius 
Gruffudd Glyn - Cinna, the Conspirator/Young Cato 
Paul Hamilton - Caius Ligarius/Messala 
Greg Hicks - Julius Caesar 
Tunji Kasim - Romulus/Lucius 
John Mackay - Cassius 
Patrick Romer - Murullus/Publius/Cinna, the Poet/Clitus 
David Rubin - Trebonius/Lucilius 
Oliver Ryan - Casca/Pindarus 
Simone Saunders - Calphurnia's Servant
Christopher Saul - Cicero
Sam Troughton - Marcus Brutus 
Larrington Walker - Soothsayer/Octavius' Servant/Strato 
Kirsty Woodward - Priestess 
Hannah Young - Portia 
Samantha Young - Soothsayer's Acolyte

Creative team

Director - Lucy Bailey
Set and Video Designer - William Dudley
Costume Designer - Fotini Dimou
Lighting – Oliver Fenwick 
Movement – Sarah Dowling 
Music - Django Bates
Sound – Fergus O'Hare
Associate Designer – Nathalie Maury 
Fights – Philip d'Orleans 
Video System Design – Alan Cox 
Video Production – Tim Baxter


'The company acting is impeccable' 

Sunday Times

'A visceral RSC Julius Caesar that certainly captures the chaos of a divided city'


'Lucy Bailey's innovative take on the classic is a breath of fresh air'


'Darrell D'Silva is a superb Mark Antony... John Mackay suggests both the chippiness and the emotional neediness of Cassius'

Daily Telegraph

'Sam Troughton as Brutus turns in a searching portrait of a philosopher statesman turning into a war machine... William Dudley's brilliantly inventive set'

Sunday Times

'The stand-out performance comes from Greg Hicks, a Caesar who exudes arrogance with everything from his voice to his swagger'


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