Missed us in the news and media? Catch up with some of our favourite television, radio and press appearances from the past three months on this regularly updated page.

Behind the scenes on a schools' broadcast


ONLINE - Kathryn Hunter interview about Timon of Athens in Broadwayworld

ONLINE- Limping Chicken interview with Charlotte Arrowsmith in Troilus and Cressida 

ONLINE - Guardian online picture led piece about women playing major roles in Shakespeare

PRINT - Islington Gazette interview with Charlotte Josephine

BROADCAST - Resonance FM interview with Bally Gill about Romeo and Juliet

ONLINE - Broadwayworld interview with Charlotte Josephine about Romeo and Juliet

BROADCAST - BBC Radio Front Row interview with Erica Whyman

PRINT - Stratford Herald interview with Sheila Reid about Troilus and Cressida

PRINT - Evening Standard interview with Rufus Hound and David Threlfall about Don Quixote 

PRINT - Blackpool Gazette coverage of First Encounters Comedy of Errors

BROADCAST - Michael Boyd piece about Tamburlaine

ONLINE - BBC News article about Artist Jasmin Thompson about the exhibition at the Barbican

ONLINE - Interview with Raphael Sowole in Afridiziak

ONLINE - Sincerely Amy interview with Kathryn Hunter

ONLINE/PRINT - Stage interview with Simon Godwin


PRINT/ONLINE - interview with Erica Whyman in the Evening Standard

PRINT - Education piece in TES about Time to Listen and comment from Jacqui O’Hanlon

PRINT - Financial Times interview with Gregory Doran

ONLINE - Daily Telegraph podcast about Troilus and Cressida

PRINT - Metro Interview with Christopher Eccleston on Macbeth 

ONLINE -  Brit Asia Tartuffe videos and an extended interview with Tartuffe actors

BROADCAST - Gregory Doran and Evelyn Glennie on Radio 3

ONLINE - AFR.compiece about Shakespeare in China

BROADCAST - Colourful Radio interview about Romeo and Juliet 

PRINT - Stratford Herald interview with Asif Khan about Tartuffe 

PRINT/OINLINE - Stage piece about Time To Listen

PRINT/ONLINE - Stage piece about immersive technologies

ONLINE - Stage podcast with Head of Voice

PRINT - Times interview with David Edgar

PRINT - Financial Times piece about Shakespeare in China

PRINT - Daily Telegraph interview with Antony Sher

PRINT - Guardian piece about Maydays

ONLINE - Sincerely Amy interview with Owen Horsley about Maydays


PRINT - Daily Telegraph interview with Gregory Doran on diverse casting and Troilus and Cressida 

PRINT/ONLINE - Interview with Asif Khan in Eastern Eye about Tartuffe

ONLINE - Sincerely Amy interview with Michelle Bonnard about Tartuffe

ONLINE - Naked Politics piece about Maydays

ONLINE - Socialist Worker piece about Maydays -

PRINT - Observer piece about musicians

PRINT - Guardian piece on Angus McBean -

PRINT/ONLINE - Arts Industry piece about Angus McBean

ONLINE - Asif Khan piece in Culture Vulture about Tartuffe

PRINT - Stratford Herald interview with Ralph Davis

PRINT/ONLINE - Stage piece about arts and education

PRINT/ONLINE - SecEd piece about Shakespeare Learning Zone

BROADCAST - CBBC iplayer episode featuring RSC costume hire (coverage at 06:36)

BROADCAST - BBC Midlands Today piece about Tartuffe – on YouTube


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