Our cultural, artistic and educational exchange with China is based on the belief that we foster deeper understanding between cultures by sharing and telling each other our stories.

China's rich dramatic heritage shares the epic scale, complexity and universality of Shakespeare's work. Shakespeare is one of the most admired playwrights in China and was first translated into Mandarin in the 20th century. Chinese classical dramas are also famous within China, but aren't as well known in Western theatre. We are exchanging knowledge of Shakespeare in performance and celebrating the wealth of stories told in China over the centuries, by sharing China’s classics with theatre companies and today’s audiences in the UK.

Young King Henry seated on the arm of a throne, Chinese characters below
Poster for the 2015 King and Country Tour of China and Hong Kong.

This artistic, cultural and educational exchange includes:

  • Shakespeare Folio Translation Project - creating theatrically-viable, actor-friendly, audience-accessible new translations of Shakespeare plays in Mandarin
  • Chinese Classics Translation Project working with writers, translators, academics and theatres in the UK and China to share classical Chinese stories in English with today's audiences
  • Touring in China - we took Henry IV Part I and II, and Henry V to the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Shanghai Grand Theatre and Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2016
  • Education programmes new educational partnerships with organisations including Dulwich College International
  • ‘Live from Stratford-upon-Avon’ cinema broadcastsbroadcasting Shakespeare productions live to China

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