Cast and creatives

Ellie Beaven - Abarian Soldier/Emma/Nurse
Ishia Bennison - Countess/Hannah
Susan Engel - Cunegonde
Richard Goulding - Playwright/Screenwriter
Kevin Harvey - Jacques/Bulgarian Soldier/Voltaire
John Hopkins - Bulgarian Officer/Tim
Harry McEntire - Prologue/Abarian Soldier/Ben/Tetuan
Matthew Needham - Candide
Ciarán Owens - Bulgarian Sergeant/Sailor/Adam
Ian Redford - Pangloss/Beggar/Abarian Soldier/Ted
Rose Reynolds - Young Cunegonde/Rosa/Abarian Soldier/The Girl/Padres
Steffan Rhodri - Baron/Abarian Soldier/Mike/Cacombo
Sarah Ridgeway - Bulgarian Soldier/Sophie/Tucamon
Katy Stephens - Baroness/Bulgarian Soldier/Sarah
Badria Timimi - The Woman/Bulgarian Soldier/Eva/Martina
Dwane Walcott - Candide (the actor)/Oreillon

Director - Lyndsey Turner
Designer - Soutra Gilmour
Lighting - Tim Lutkin
Music - Michael Bruce
Sound - Christopher Shutt
Literary Manager - Pippa Hill
Movement - Scott Ambler
Fights - Bret Yount

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