Summer Activities

Join us this summer for free activities for all ages outside the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

At The Forest_s Edge_2023_Image by Sara Beaumont _c_ RSC_351160
Roots is a series of willow sculptures that can be explored and played in as part of our project, At the Forest's Edge

1-31 August 2023

During the summer holidays, discover free activities for all ages outside the Royal Shakespeare Theatre by our willow sculpture, Roots.

Pick up a free activity sheet from the theatre to discover fun and accessible games and ideas to play around the At The Forest’s Edge sculptures. The activities has been created with the community groups of At the Forest's Edge in collaboration with LYNNEBEC. 

Free activities, every Wednesday

Suitable for ages 5+, children must be accompanied by a parent/ carer.

Clopton nest and mushroom in tree
wild flowers on bancroft

Wednesday 2 August, 12-4pm

Nature Moves: fun and accessible games
Play some games, explore movement and enjoy a stretch to the sun.
Inspired by the At The Forest's Edge community project and sculptures, LYNNEBEC have created some fun and accessible activities for everyone to get involved with this summer. Join them outside the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Free, no booking required.

LYNNEBEC are a multidisciplinary performance company making work for outdoor and unusual spaces. Using physical storytelling, dance and movement, they create interactive stories and adventures that are joyful and empowering. 


Nature and Technology
Explore nature and technology through the mycelium network of mushrooms, with artist Lisa Franklin

Free, no booking required.


Nature Connections

Discover our relationship with the areas we live, through meeting the wild plants, lichen and mosses at our feet, with medical herbalist Katie Beswick and botanist Alex Mills.

Exploring the grounds of the RSC, we will examine the walls and pathways to discover the life that quietly shares our spaces. By taking a closer look at these plants with their stories to tell, we will discover the vital roles they play in our ecosystems, and their uses as food, medicine and magic.

Free, no booking required.


Willow Weaving Workshop
Join us as we tend to the magical roots outside the theatre and learn all about weaving willow. Stay for as long as you like as you discover the process of making the willow sculptures located around the town and even get to weave your own piece to take home.

Free, no booking required.

WEDNESDAY 30 AUGUST, 10.30am and 2pm

Adventure Walks! Storytelling with Adam Blake 

Adam, an intrepid explorer, has come from The Adventure Bureau to create a brand-new story, one that is completely improvised, never before heard, 100% made up on the day. And he needs your help... Working as a team you will accompany Adam on a walk around the local area, all contributing to the creation of a unique story by taking inspiration from everything that surrounds you!

After the adventure walk, use the natural materials gathered from the walk in an hour-long workshop combining these with clay to make a map of your story, bringing the imagined world you have created into life. Please wear clothes that are comfortable and you don’t mind getting dirty.

Meet outside the Royal Shakespeare Theatre by the Willow Sculptures.
Suitable for ages 5 + and their parent/ carers. The Adventure Walk and workshop lasts approx. 2 hours.

Tickets are free, but must be booked in advance:

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More to do this summer in Stratford

The Dell, Free open air performances

Come and enjoy free open air theatre at The Dell, our outdoor stage in Avonbank Gardens, Stratford-upon-Avon, on weekends throughout July and August. The Dell, plays host to a range of lively student, community and semi-professional productions.

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At the Forest's Edge Trail

Take a wander around town and discover six beautiful willow sculptures.

As you take in the intricate natural shapes, you’ll discover the human stories of Stratford, of the people who live here now and those who have gone before, on the banks of the River Avon, at the edge of the ancient Forest of Arden. The sculptures will transform over the course of the summer with sprouting mushrooms, budding wildflowers, and the creative input of participants. 

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Explore the building on this one-hour tour and hear all about the workings of the theatre with engaging stories of our unique history. Our experienced team of tour guides will lead you on a journey through the building’s public and behind-the-scenes areas, sharing the magic of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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Sensory Map

Pick up a sensory trail of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to discover free, exciting and surprising moments in the building, and reveal insight into the heritage of the RSC. Co-created by artist Thomas Cross, the RSC Front of House Team and Tour Guides, Ileap and Orchestra of the Swan Café Muse members.

Theatre Tower

Our theatre tower is now open daily, boasting panoramic views of Stratford-upon-Avon. Standing at 32m above street level - or the equivalent of approximately the height of seven double-decker buses stacked on top each other - you can now take a trip up to the viewing platform for free.

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