Post Show Talks

Stay on after the show and talk to members of the acting company at these regular, free events.

Want to find out more about the performance you've just seen? Then join us at our regular post show talkback events. Just simply stay on after the show for this discussion with members of the acting company where you get the chance to ask the questions.

Four people in casual clothing sitting on stage, facing an audience, one of them speaking and gesturing
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It's an informal way of finding out more about the production, the actor's process and what it's like to work for the RSC. Talkbacks take place onstage in the theatre auditorium after the performance, and are free.

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Julius Caesar - Wednesday 31 May
Titus Andronicus - Monday 24 July
Julius Caesar - Monday 14 August (BSL Interpreted)
Coriolanus - Tuesday 26 September
A Christmas Carol - Wednesday 17 January (BSL Interpreted)
Twelfth Night - Thursday 15 February

Swan Theatre

Vice Versa - Thursday 6 July
Salomé - Tuesday 18 July
Dido, Queen of Carthage - Tuesday 17 October (BSL Interpreted)
Imperium Part I: Conspirator - Thursday 11 January 
Imperium Part II: Dictator - Tuesday 30 January

Barbican Theatre, London

The Tempest - Tuesday 25 July 
Coriolanus - Wednesday 15 November
Titus Andronicus - Friday 5 January
Julius Caesar - Wednesday 10 January
Antony & Cleopatra - Friday 12 January (BSL Interpreted)