How to watch online performances

A step by step guide of how you can enjoy our online performances and events at home on your TV, laptop or other device, with troubleshooting tips.

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  1. Book your tickets
    • Choose the show you want to see and select ‘Book'
    • Follow the steps through to checkout and payment
    • Once you have paid you will receive an email confirmation from us
  2. Test your setup*: use this test link to see how it will work; This is a test, not the real link - we will send you the link to the performance ahead of the start time.
  3. Get ready to watch: click the link and it will open in a web browser on the website Vimeo, where we will host the live performance. On the bottom right of the video is a symbol with four arrows pointing outwards – click this to watch the video in full screen, for the best viewing experience
  4. Enjoy the show!
*This test only applies to online performances that use Vimeo. Online performances or events that use Zoom can't be tested in advance. 

Watch on your TV

If you want to watch on your TV there are three main ways you can do this:

  1. Play the content on your phone/tablet Using an app to ‘mirror’ or ‘cast’ it onto your smart TV
  2. Watch using the web browser on your smart TV: Open the web browser on your TV, then type in the URL link that we will provide to the video in full
  3. Connecting your laptop or mobile device to your TV using an HDMI cable, using ‘Source’ on your TV remote to find your device and display the content on your TV

For more detailed instructions on how to do this, you might find these articles helpful:

How to connect your iPhone/iPad to your TV (external link)

How to connect your Android phone to your TV (external link)

Troubleshooting for watching online performances

  • Do I need a Vimeo or Zoom account?

  • Will my web browser work for the performance?

  • I haven’t received my email with the link – what do I do?

  • Nothing is happening - what do I do?

  • What do I do if I miss some, or all, of the performance?

  • When will I receive a link to watch online events that I have booked for?

  • Can I watch on a mobile device?

  • I can't see anything

  • I can't hear anything

  • I have the Vimeo app but I can't find your stream

  • Can I watch the performance again?