Michael Fentiman made his RSC directing debut with this production of Titus Andronicus. It played at the Swan Theatre in the summer season of 2013.

Katy Stephens as Tamora, in a black velvet dress, holding a knife in her right hand and Lavinia (Rose Reynolds) by the hair in her left
Titus Andronicus (2013), directed by Michael Fentiman

Audiences were shocked by the realistic, bloody effects in this production. And Michael also enlisted the help of Richard Pinner, a professional magician, to help create some of the visual effects which had audiences and critics giving this production a very warm response. Katy Stephens played Queen Tamora and Stephen Boxer played Titus.

Cast and Creatives


Joe Bannister - Quintus 
Ellie Beaven - Handmaid/Concubine 
Stephen Boxer - Titus
George David -Young Lucius
Ben Deery - Publius/Messenger 
Richard Durden - Marcus 
Richard Goulding - Bassianus 
Kevin Harvey - Aaron
Hal Hewetson - Young Lucius
John Hopkins - Saturninus 
Gwilym Lloyd - Aemilius 
Harry Mcentire - Mutius 
Perry Millward - Demetrius 
Matthew Needham - Lucius 
Ciarán Owens - Martius/Goth Warrior 
Nicholas Prasad – Alarbus/Sempronius 
Rose Reynolds - Lavinia 
Sarah Ridgeway - Goth Queen/Concubine 
David Rubin - Caius 
Katy Stephens - Tamora 
Badria Timimi - Nurse 
Dwane Walcott - Clown
Jonny Weldon - Chiron


Director - Michael Fentiman 
Designer - Colin Richmond 
Lighting - Chris Davey 
Music and Sound - Tom Mills 
Movement - Ann Yee 
Fights - Kate Waters



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