A behind-the-scenes looks at the Simon Higlett’s set design.

Designer Simon Higlett drew inspiration for the set design from the interiors of Wightwick manor, a Victorian manor house located on Wightwick Bank, Wolverhampton, West Midlands. Ahead of any production, the designer will create a model box to show the Scenic Workshop team their vision for the production.

TN 1
Model box for Twelfth Night
Lauren Williams © RSC Browse and license our images

Once a designer has created the model box the drawing office converts the ideas into an engineered design capable of a quick change over between the other production running at the same time, in this case, it was A Christmas Carol. The Scenic Workshop team then work to bring the creation to life. 

TN 2
Building the set
Lauren Williams © RSC Browse and license our images
TN 3
Malvolio’s shed
Lauren Williams © RSC Browse and license our images

Malvolio’s shed  

The carpenters were working on this for two weeks before it was given one of our artists, in the Scenic Art department. They spent three weeks building the layers of paint to create the appearance of a ramshackle building. At any given time, our scenic workshop could be working on multiple productions; at this time they were also working on Imperium and A Christmas Carol. 

TN 5
Lauren Williams © RSC Browse and license our images

Once the set was completed, it was then transferred to the theatre where it was constructed on stage. The team work to get the set and mechanical elements into position, including stage lifts and winches to move each component for both productions in the run. Here you can see the street backdrop for A Christmas Carol and Scrooge's bed being removed from the central lift while Twelfth Night takes shape around it. 

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