Each wig takes around a week to make and each facial hair piece, such as a sideburn, takes about a day.

During the actors first visits to Stratford-upon-Avon, they spend time with the Wigs and Make-up team to make the guides for their facial hair. This involves creating a template out of cling-film and Sellotape to make the lace bases.

Step 1

Create a template. This is pricked out with a pin onto tracing paper, then fine flesh-coloured lace is pinned over the top, and individual hairs are knotted into place. We use hair from the underbelly of a yak for facial hair as it is coarse and holds the shape well. Long strands are knotted into place which can later be styled and trimmed. 

tn 10

Step 2

Using a fine pair of curling tongs, curl the hairs into tight rolls close to the lace. Then tease out the curls and backcomb the hairs to create volume. 


Step 3

Trim away the excess hair. Comb and use Hungarian moustache wax to style the moustache. Ensure the hairs do not sit in one large wave over the lip but appear full and natural. 

TN 8

Step 4

Maintain the moustache. The lace is glued onto the face of the actor for each performance, then after every show the lace is gently washed, all glue removed and the hairs are re-tonged, combed and styled.

tn 9


The top moustache will be worn by Tom Byrne as Valentine. The one below has been finished and will be worn by Jamie Tyler, policeman.

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