Signing Shakespeare resources and activities for teaching Act 5 of Macbeth


Act 5 Scene 1: Lady Macbeth


In this activity, students explore how the guilt of the murders is tormenting Lady Macbeth and causing her to walk and talk in her sleep. The activities include a film of Lady Macbeth in BSL and SSE or ASL. Students are invited to observe her, noticing her language and behaviour, as if they are her doctor and write notes for a report.

  • EXERCISE 1: Lady Macbeth Sleepwalking


Download Gallery for Act 5 Scene 1 (BSL)

Download Gallery for Act 5 Scene 1 (ASL)

Act 5 Scenes 2-9: Scotland at war 

In this series of activities, students explore how the Scottish thanes have turned against Macbeth and how they join with an army from England to defeat him. Students are given opportunities to revisit some of activities in Act 1 Scene 1: Warriors, to support their understanding of the world of the play where Scotland is again at war. They are invited to consider the language and imagery of one of Macbeth’s famous speeches: ‘Tomorrow and tomorrow…’ supported by films in BSL and VS or ASL. They are also given opportunities to understand how the prophecies from the Apparitions come true, but not as Macbeth expects.

  • EXERCISE 1: Scottish rebels

  • EXERCISE 2: Macbeth in his castle

  • EXERCISE 3: Birnam Wood

  • EXERCISE 4: ‘Tomorrow and tomorrow…’

  • EXERCISE 5: Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane

  • EXERCISE 6: The final battle

  • EXERCISE 7: The death of Macbeth

  • EXERCISE 8: The king is dead, long live the king!


Download Gallery for Act 5 Scenes 2 - 9 (BSL)

Download Gallery for Act 5 Scenes 2 - 9 (ASL)

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