Signing Shakespeare resources and activities for teaching Act 4 of Macbeth

Learning activities for Act 4 of Macbeth

Act 4 Scenes 1-3: The Apparitions  

In these activities, students explore Macbeth’s second meeting with the witches when they show him three Apparitions who make further prophecies about his future. The activities include films of the three prophecies in BSL, for ASL download the ASL Gallery, and opportunities to explore Macbeth’s terrible action of killing Macduff’s family after hearing the prophecies. 

  • EXERCISE 1: The Apparitions

  • EXERCISE 2: Macbeth’s hopes and fears

  • EXERCISE 3: Macbeth and Macduff

  • EXERCISE 4: Macduff and Malcolm

  • EXERCISE 5: ‘Let grief convert to anger’


Download Gallery for Act 4 (BSL)

Download Gallery for Act 4 (ASL)

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