Signing Shakespeare for Deaf students

A programme created by the University of Birmingham and the RSC to support deaf young people in their study and enjoyment of Shakespeare.

Signing Shakespeare: macbeth

Following a period of research and consultation the project developed into this scheme of work for the study of Macbeth, which is supported by resources including a series of films created by deaf actors and directors.

how to use the resources

This series of activities has been designed to support the teaching and learning of Shakespeare with KS3/4 students who are deaf or hard of hearing, but can be used and adapted for other students with or without special educational needs. The activities cover the whole play of Macbeth and include short films of deaf actors performing key speeches and suggestions for written work. Many exercises include active drama to aid students’ understanding but most can be carried out in a classroom provided there is adequate space and a clear view of a screen for supporting visuals. 

For each sequence of activity there is an accompanying gallery to download. This gallery includes the images and films referred to in the activities. Please click on the BSL galleries for films in BSL and SSE and the ASL galleries for films in ASL.

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