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Discover teaching ideas and lesson plans to help you and your students prepare for the Schools Broadcast of Hamlet. Find a detailed guide for teaching Hamlet, supporting packs and video content

The 2020 Schools' Broadcast of Hamlet will be available on demand until 23 November. For everyone who is registered you will have access to the 2016 production, directed by Simon Godwin with Paapa Essiedu in the title role. 

If you haven't registered you can still do so on the Broadcast Registration page


Getting Ready to Watch Hamlet

Hamlet is one of Shakespeare's tragedies. It is a play about a young prince who sets out to uncover and then avenge the murder of his father, spurred on by his father’s ghost.

On this page there are a number of resources, videos and activity packs to help you and your students prepare for the 2020 Schools' Broadcast, with more to be added in November. These include:

  • Videos: including Paapa Essiedu talking about the role of Hamlet, scenes in performance and rehearsal, actors answering student questions, a short animation and Homework Help responses on Hamlet from Paapa Essiedu and David Tennant. 
  • A guide to teaching Hamlet: with suggested teaching approaches and lesson ideas for Secondary and Primary teachers working in both Drama and English. 
  • A Broadcast pack: offering activities and routes into the play for teachers and learners with limited time to prepare for watching teh broadcast. 

Our Shakespeare Learning Zone section on Hamlet is also available for you and students to explore independently. 


A Guide to Teaching Hamlet

Below you will find some suggested activities, videos and approaches for teaching Hamlet. These have been grouped into five sections, each with three or four steps. These sections have been designed so that they can be tackled in one lesson but you might want to take more time on some of the topics. 

Each section contains activities and suggestions for Secondary English, Drama and Primary learners. 

The 'Key Scenes' section is slightly different. Here, we have grouped activities on key scenes by theme and suggest you approach these one at a time. 


Hamlet: Story and Themes

  • Ideas and Images

  • Telling the Story

  • Developing Understanding

  • Responding to Messages

Hamlet: Introducing Characters

  • Character Introductions

  • Exploring Connections

  • A new Era in Denmark

  • Hamlet's Priorities

Hamlet: Exploring Key Scenes

Hamlet: Character Journeys

  • Mapping Journeys

  • Character Choices

  • Considering Interpretations

  • Perception and Performance

Hamlet: Reflection and Structure

  • Making Connections

  • The Resolution

  • Hamlet as a Tragedy

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Broadcast Teacher Packs

You can search any of our play resources on Hamlet below, but the following packs have been specifically designed to help you prepare for the Schools Broadcast with limited time in the classroom. 

For independent activities that can be set for students at home or in class you may also find the following Activity Toolkit helpful:


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