The Dell Forest Garden

Relax in the natural setting of our Dell Forest Garden – an accessible outdoor space where you can meet and enjoy the calm.

In partnership with charity Forest of Hearts, The Dell Forest Garden project will work with volunteers and community groups to create an accessible, inclusive and enjoyable space that improves wellbeing through creativity and nature. We also aim to increase the biodiversity of the area by diversifying the range of habitats and vegetation structures at the site.

The garden will be opened as part of Shakespeare's Birthday Celebrations on Saturday 23 April 2022 alongside art installation Room for the Soul, created by artist Faye Claridge with Forest of Heart's Green Therapy group.

Three people make bunting using flowers and natural dyes
Members of Forest of Hearts' Green Therapy group
Photo by Faye Claridge © Faye Claridge Browse and license our images

Plans for the garden

At the start of the project, Forest of Hearts led citizen science activities to understand the current biodiversity of the area. Through new planting and existing care of the space, we hope to increase the number of different species, plants and animals.
We have recently created two large compost areas that ensures all of our garden waste doesn’t go to landfill and instead is available to be used both in our gardens and by local community groups.

The garden will consist of two new elements, plus additional planting in the Avonbank Gardens (also known as the Theatre Gardens.)

  • Wild Flower Bank – the bank of flowers from Shakespeare’s plays as well as plants chosen by participants, that bring back memories of family and home.
  • Fruit Tree Guild – a flower bed of several layers of edible plants, shrubs and climbers that coexist in a mutually beneficial environment under a fruit tree. This will also include a seating area.
  • Living Walls - species rich, planted walls designed to absorb particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide and build biodiversity to reduce harmful effects of traffic in the atmosphere.
  • Edible flower and herb beds – a sensory, accessible bed along the footpaths at the entrance Avonbank Gardens.

The Bureau

In addition to the permanent additions, we are also creating a portable show garden that will be used at local events to share the story of the Dell Forest Garden. 

Designed to look like a bureau, the Dell Forest Show Garden features plants and colours from Shakespeare’s plays and share how we created The Dell Forest Garden. Inside the writing desk you will find treasures and stories, as well as activities to help us understand our environment and the memories we connect to it.

The Bureau will be on display on Saturday 23 April, as part of Shakespeare's Birthday Celebrations 

About Forest of Hearts

Forest of Hearts is a non-profit Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) who create ‘gardens for good’ to improve wellbeing, boost biodiversity and enhance employability. 

They work in partnership with other charities and community organisations to create places of purpose and pleasure which help individuals to develop skills, confidence and friendships, that like the gardens themselves, can grow and thrive.
Registered Charity Number: 1160589. 

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