Discover The Winter's Tale through activities and challenges for all the family to enjoy together.

Here you will find activities to help you explore the world of The Winter's Tale at home with your family. From how to warm-up your body to stories inspired by the themes in the play, there's something to get your teeth into for all ages.

Each activity has a recommended age as a guide.You will also find ways to adapt some of the tasks if you'd like to give it a go with someone younger or a child with additional needs.

If you don't know the story of The Winter's Tale, you can watch actor Assad Zaman tell the story below, or read a short version of it. Why not draw some pictures alongside the story to help you remember it too?

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The story of The Winter's Tale

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Warm Up

Before a company of actors can start any rehearsal, they need to warm up to get their voices and bodies ready for the work ahead.

All you need is yourself and someone else from your household to have fun with!

Recommended age: All ages 

Download: Rehearsal warm up

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Meet the Characters

After reading or watching the story of The Winter’s Tale, let’s find out a little more about the characters and how they connect to each other.

You will need pen, paper, toys/ figures, string, colours.

Recommended age: 6+

Download: Meet the characters

image1 for Creating a bear photo credit Alessandra Evangelista copyright RSC


Make a Bear

The Winter’s Tale contains the memorable stage direction ‘Exit, pursued by a bear’. Discover how we have created the bear on stage in past shows and have a go at creating one yourself.

You will need: pencil, paper, colouring pens/ crayons. In addition you could also use junk materials, glue, scissorsor any other materials you can find at home.

Recommended age: 6+

Download: Make a bear

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Creating a scene

How actors move in the play helps to tell the story. These tasks help you to discover how being up on your feet can help you to understand Shakespeare's words.

You will need pen, paper, some items from around the house and at least two people.

Recommended age: 8+

Download: Create a scene

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A letter to Perdita

This is a creative writing challenge and looks at what might have been written in the letter found with the lost princess, Perdita.

You will need paper and pens.

Recommended age: 8+

Download: Write a letter

Musical instruments_2016_Laura Keating _c_ RSC_201360

Create a soundscape

Create the two worlds of Bohemia and Sicilia through sound and music.

You will need percussion instruments or anything from around the home that will make a noise!

Recommended age: 4+

Download: Create a soundscape

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Colouring Sheets

Have some fun colouring in a bear and learning to draw a sheep from the sheep-shearing festival.

You will need: lots of colours!

Recommended age: 2+

Download PDFs below:

How to draw a sheep

Exit, pursued by a bear

Picture Quiz

Can you spot the animals in each of these past productions and paintings of The Winter's Tale?


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