Share Your Shakespeare

The largest ever celebration of Shakespeare by audiences in our history.

Do you have a favourite Shakespeare quote, speech or moment? One that speaks to you? Maybe one that reminds you of somebody or something? One that makes you laugh? Or makes you shed a tear? Share your Shakespeare any time, in any way, and play your part in our global Shakespeare celebration. 

Watch the Share Your Shakespeare video below, and keep sharing.

Play video

Keep sharing your Shakespeare! Film or photograph your Shakespeare in any way you like and upload it to your Instagram, Twitter or Youtube, tagging @theRSC and using the hashtag #ShareYourShakespeare.

No idea is too silly…

  1. Bake a cake with your favourite quote in the icing
  2. Recreate the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene with vegetables
  3. Perform “All the world’s a stage” line by line with your family on Zoom
  4. Draw or paint your favourite scene
  5. Feeling musical? Why not re-write a Shakespeare speech as a song?
  6. Shout your speech over the fence to your neighbours (two metres apart of course)
  7. Act out a moment through the medium of dance on Tik Tok
  8. Get your pets involved
  9. Tell a Shakespeare story in emojis 

Get bold. Get creative. Get involved.

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