Well-known quotes from Antony and Cleopatra.

Alan Bates as Mark Antony and Frances De La Tour as Cleopatra, Antony in dark military clothes holding Cleopatra, who is in a white robe
Antony and Cleopatra 1999 directed by Simon Pimlott. Mark Antony played by Alan Bates. Cleopatra played by Frances De La Tour.
Photo by Donald Cooper © RSC Browse and license our images

And you shall see in him
The triple pillar of the world transformed
Into a strumpet's fool.
(Philo, Act 1 Scene 1)

Let Rome in Tiber melt, and the wide arch
Of the ranged empire fall: here is my space.
(Antony, Act 1 Scene 1)

O happy horse, to bear the weight of Antony!
(Cleopatra, Act 1 Scene 5)

My salad days,
When I was green in judgement, cold in blood.
(Cleopatra, Act 1 Scene 5)

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
Her infinite variety.
(Enobarbus, Act 2 Scene 2)

Egypt, thou knew'st too well
My heart was to thy rudder tied by th'strings
And thou shouldst tow me after.
(Antony, Act 3 Scene 11)

I found you as a morsel cold upon
Dead Caesar's trencher.
(Antony, Act 3 Scene 13)

The odds is gone
And there is nothing left remarkable
Beneath the visiting moon.
(Cleopatra, Act 4 Scene 15)

Shall be brought drunken forth, and I shall see
Some squeaking Cleopatra boy my greatness
I'th'posture of a whore.
(Cleopatra, Act 5 Scene 2)

Now boast thee, death, in thy possession lies
A lass unparalleled.
(Charmian, Act 5 Scene 2)

She shall be buried by her Antony,
No grave upon the earth shall clip in it
A pair so famous.
(Caesar, Act 5 Scene 2)

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