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Phil Porter

Vice Versa

(or The Decline and Fall of General Braggadocio at the Hands of His Canny Servant Dexter and Terence the Monkey)

There were piles of physical fun in this side-splitting 2017 comedy romp, written by Phil Porter and lovingly ripped off from the Roman comedies of Plautus.

A side-splitting comedy romp, lovingly ripped off from the Roman comedies of Plautus by Phil Porter (The Christmas Truce, 2014; A Mad World My Masters, 2013). Vice Versa premiered on the Swan stage in 2017.

A wily servant and a pair of wronged young lovers team up to bamboozle a pompous general in this riotous farce. Dodgy disguises, comic capers and a monkey create pandemonium as the tricksters try to save the girl, free the servant and live to tell the tale!

Director Janice Honeyman (who directed Antony Sher in the Baxter Theatre’s 2009 production of The Tempest in association with the RSC) piled on the physical fun in this world premiere production.


Voluptua - Ellie Beaven
Philoproximus - Nicholas Day
Marsupius - Bally Gill
Climax - Kim Hartman
General Braggadocio - Felix Hayes
Impetus - Laura Kirman
Feclus - Steven Kynman
Valentin - Geoffrey Lumb
Omnivorous - Byron Mondahl
Leandra - Esther Niles
Dexter - Sophia Nomvete
Meretrix - Harriet Slater
Melodia - Katherine Toy
Terence - Jon Trenchard
Ocadus - Johnson Willis


Director - Janice Honeyman
Designer - Colin Richmond
Lighting - Caroline Burrell
Music - Sam Kenyon
Lyrics - Phil Porter and Sam Kenyon
Sound - Jonathan Ruddick
Movement - Michael Ashcroft
Fights - Terry King