Showcase Day 2022 took place on Sunday 29 May

Showcase Day is an annual event for Patrons where you can get closer to behind the scenes theatre-making at the RSC. This year the event was held in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre with a number of really exciting panels and workshops. The structure of the day followed the process of what an actor would experience working at the Royal Shakespeare Company, from rehearsals to opening night. The day was split into different workshops, panels and discussions.

Panel Discussion- The Rehearsal Room Experience

This discussion was chaired by Nicky Cox, speaking with actors Jonathan Broadbent, Hannah Young, Jamie Wilkes, Keith Osborn and Stage Manager Jen Davey. 'The Rehearsal Room Experience' Panel centred around the experiences of an actor working at the RSC. The creatives have personal experience working with the RSC, giving us an actor's insight into the production we see on stage.

Patrons sit in the auditorium of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, listening to a panel discussion.
Patrons sit in the auditorium of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, listening to a panel discussion.

Delving into the Text; An In Conversation around the 37 Plays project

Acting Artistic Director Erica Whyman chatted to Juliet Gilkes Romero (The Whip, The Day of The Living) and Mark Ravenhill (The Boy in The Dress, Candide, RSC Writer in Residence). Focusing on the process of writing, inspiration, and the beginnings of a play, this panel was a call to action for everyone and anyone to write something for the 37 Plays project.

Exploring the Voice, with RSC Voice Practitioner Ellen Hartley

During this workshop, Ellen explored how actors' voices are kept healthy at the RSC, and offered the opportunity to stand on stage to warm up the voice and experiment with acoustics and projection. This workshop focused on the practical and physical aspects of being an actor here at the RSC. 

Patrons were invited onto the stage of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to warm up their voices.
Patrons stand on the stage warming up their voices during Ellen Hartley's workshop.
Photo by Sara Beaumont © RSC Browse and license our images

Putting on a Costume: a Demonstration from RSC Running Wardrobe

Running Wardrobe technicians Jennifer Williams and Rebecca Rees talked in depth about their work. This demonstration focused on the behind the scenes work that many are not aware of. This demonstration also included a test of quick changes, where Jennifer and Rebecca dressed and undressed Nicky Cox in armour, to test their quick change skills in front of an audience. 

An Insight into a Technical Rehearsal

Head of Sound Jeremy Dunn and Head of Lighting Kevin Sleep talked about the importance and impacts of light and sound on a stage. In the final demonstration of the day, we were able to see the development of a show once it has gone into technical rehearsal, with the use of light and sound having a huge impact on an audience's experience of the production. Jeremy and Kevin used a variety of different effects to try and explore the different atmospheres which could be represented on stage. 

This event was a lovely insight into the life of an actor and the way they experience the Royal Shakespeare Company from a professional perspective. 

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