Explore photos from some of our past productions of Pericles.


Lucian Msamati played the title role in this production directed by Dominic Cooke.

Performed at the Swan Theatre, it was unusual for being a 'promenade play' where about 100 audience members were able to move amongst the actors and be in the middle of the action. The ground floor of the theatre was covered over to allow this interaction, with the seating above retained for the rest of the audience.


This production, directed by Terry Hands and designed by Timothy O'Brien, had a very distinctive look and feel. The narrator Gower was fully clothed throughout the performance whereas most of the other actors were dressed in revealing outfits to show the distance between the narrator and the world he describes. The court of Antiochus was made to seem sinful and corrupt, emphasised by the silver, greys and golds of the scenery.

Other performances

Images from other productions of Pericles can be seen below, including from a 2003 collaboration with a homeless charity.

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