This pack supports the RSC’s 2023 production of Julius Caesar, directed by Atri Banerjee.

The activities provided in this pack can be used either as stand-alone practical approaches to the play or as supporting activities for students seeing the production. They have been designed with KS3 and KS4 students in mind but can be adapted for other age groups. Some are best suited to an open space such as a hall, but many can be used in a classroom.  

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About the production 

Our 2023 production of Julius Caesar is part of the RSC’s ‘Power Shifts’ season and examines the fragile nature of power & how changing power can both liberate and corrupt. A key focus of the production is personal morality and Julius Caesar, with its strong political motives, is the perfect play to study how power affects the individual as well as society. In this pack, we explore this theme and ask the questions: Is the phrase ‘power corrupts’ always true? When can it be used for good?

 Watch our Julius Caesar Feature Trailer


  • Synopsis

  • ACTIVITY 1: Who Rules Rome?

  • ACTIVITY 2: Spot the Main Events

  • Activity 3: Good News or Bad?

  • Activity 4: Power Shifts


  • Activity 5: Guess Who?

  • Activity 6: Conspirator’s Corridor

  • Activity 7: Ignored Wives


  • Theme one: Trust

  • Activity 8: Friend or Foe?

  • Activity 9: Trusted Friends?

  • Theme Two: Power

  • ACTIVITY 10: Where’s the Power?

  • Activity 11: MOB RULE

Resource PDFs

These printable PDFs can be used in the classroom to support the activities on this page.

Download a PDF version of this Teacher Pack in full: Julius Caesar Teacher Pack 2023

Julius Caesar

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