This pack supports the RSC’s 2023 production of Cymbeline, directed by Gregory Doran.

The activities provided in this pack can be used either as stand-alone practical approaches to the play or as supporting activities for students seeing the production. They have been designed with KS3 and KS4 students in mind but can be adapted for other age groups. Some are best suited to an open space such as a hall, but many can be used in a classroom.  

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About the production 

Our 2023 production of Cymbeline is part of the RSC’s ‘Power Shifts’ season. Cymbeline is thought to be one of the last plays Shakespeare ever wrote and examines many different types of power such as leadership, friendship and gender. A key focus of our production are the different representations of power between England and Rome, and between men and women. In this pack, we explore these themes and ask the questions: What different things can give us power over each other? What is the difference in power between the genders?

 Watch our Cymbeline Feature Trailer.

Exploring the story

  • Synopsis

  • Activity 1: Show and Tell

  • Activity 2: Comedy V. Tragedy

Exploring the characters

  • Activity 3: The problem of Cloten

  • Activity 4: Imogen Under Pressure

Exploring the themes

  • Theme One: Misogyny & Toxic Masculinity

  • Activity 5: Peer Pressure

  • Activity 6: Iacomo’s Bet

  • Theme Two: LOYALTY & MORALITY | Activity 7: Trusting Pisanio

  • Activity 8: THE ORDER OF EVENTS

Resource PDFs

These printable PDFs can be used in the classroom to support the activities on this page.

Download a PDF version of this Teacher Pack in full: Cymbeline Teacher Pack 2023


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