'This has revolutionised how I will approach teaching Shakespeare'...

We strive to provide high quality and accessible training to teachers which will have a real impact on the teaching of Shakespeare in and out of the classroom. Our CPD is consistently rated as excellent and highlights real benefits for both students and teachers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and value this feedback immensely. Read some of the comments from our recent delegates below.


  • 'I had the most wonderful experience; I truly enjoyed every moment.'
  • 'This was the best training I've had in a decade of teaching. Thank you. I am inspired.’
  • 'The course enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and fall in love with Shakespeare all over again!'
  • 'Integrating performance into written outcomes. How to extend/challenge thorough discussions with secondary practitioners.'
  • 'This course really inspired me and given me the key to unlock a new chapter in my teaching. Every English/Drama [teacher] should do this course you will not regret it!!!'
  • 'This course inspired me so much and gave so many ideas to help our pupils engage with the language, as well as providing guidance with lower ability or SEN or EAL learners.'
  • 'A wide range of exercises that are ready to use in the classroom, or are easily transferable to different texts. A range of tasks to suit different outcomes and learning styles. I have learned so much!'
  • 'Ways of engaging students in all aspects of studying a play – context, plot, characterisation, language and staging. Creative and active methods to analyse text that allow for brilliant structural analysis.' 
  • ‘A great workshop – [the practitioners] were great at modelling and supporting all of us, considering we all have varying levels of experience and knowledge. I will definitely be attending the intermediate class next year.’
  • ‘The rehearsal room approach has reignited the belief that anyone can access and enjoy Shakespeare when it’s put on its feet. The activities are all applicable to other texts and creating an open and curious classroom culture.’
  • 'I have learnt how to bring a text, any text, to life for my pupils. I have felt liberated from the constraints of stringent text analysis and got lots of exciting ideas to keep Shakespeare alive and hyper-relevant for a new generation!'
  • 'This has revolutionised how I will approach teaching Shakespeare. Each of the techniques could be adapted to different ages and levels easily and offered realistic, adaptable ways to help anyone access the plays but also literature in general.'
  • 'A wonderful few days that are expertly facilitated to cater to all levels of students. This course empowers teachers to bring texts to life and eliminates the barriers to entry with Shakespeare and allows for extensive discussion, exploration and collaboration in the classroom.'
  • ‘This course inspired me so much and gave so many ideas to help our pupils engage with the language, as well as providing guidance with lower ability or SEN or EAL learners. I’m going to try all the different activities in my classroom, adapting and reflecting on how it benefited them.’


  • 'Fantastic day. Re-lit my enthusiasm for Shakespeare. Best INSET in many a day.'
  • ‘Fantastic! Had the best time and I cannot wait to implement this in my classroom.’
  • ‘It was highly engaging, practical and very enjoyable. Thank you for a wonderful day!’
  • 'A real, practical, pragmatic, kinaesthetic approach to exploring the text. Brought the play to life.'
  • 'An enjoyable day which helped me to develop an understanding of strategies that are out of my comfort zone.'
  • ‘I had such a great time! It was a fun, interactive day and I can't wait to use the activities and ideas in the classroom.’
  • ‘Fantastic – so practical and applicable and constantly referencing the children who will ultimately be experiencing it.’
  • 'I was quite nervous for this day due to the drama aspect, however I found it very enlightening and it changed my perspective.'
  • ‘Thank you for bringing Shakespeare to life! Your wonderful enthusiasm and ideas have been very encouraging and we can't wait to start the teaching with our children.’
  • 'I've discovered that drama isn’t an added extra in the classroom or a tool to be scared of - instead it can enhance pupils’ core learning and understanding.'
  • 'It often feels like a minefield trying to tackle explorative learning in a classroom, especially with Shakespeare. I didn’t realise how accessible drama is in a classroom. Very useful!'
  • 'I have learnt that Shakespeare can be accessed and easily understood by all pupils. It can be a fun activity for the students to study Shakespeare. It has broken down the barriers to Shakespeare’s world and plays.'

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