…to what young people and teachers say about the power and importance of the arts and cultural education


In the most comprehensive research study of its kind, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Tate and the University of Nottingham have joined together to examine the benefits of taking arts and education seriously. 

Funded by Arts Council England, and conducted in secondary and special schools in England, the TALE (Tracking Arts Learning and Engagement) study analysed 6,000 responses from young people aged 14 – 18, tracking students and 63 teachers over three years.

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The study brings to light the voices and opinions of young people. The depth and breadth of the research gives significant new insights into the positive difference that sustained engagement with arts and cultural education has on the lives of young people. These are benefits that students in the independent sector enjoy every school day.

The research included:

  • 340 focus groups with approximately 1,500 school students in 30 schools
  • 4,477 written student responses to a bespoke survey
  • Over 200 in-depth interviews with teachers 

It is time to listen to what young people and teachers say about the power of arts and cultural education. 

It is time to understand the increasing difficulties state-funded schools face in giving access and priority to arts and cultural education. 

It is time to make real change by adopting our five key recommendations to ensure every young person can learn in an arts and culture rich school.

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