David Farr directed King Lear after directing the same ensemble in The Winter's Tale in 2009.

This production played in the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon before Newcastle, London and the Lincoln Center, New York. Farr's King Lear was also one of the first shows to play in the re-opened Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford in early 2011.

Man sitting on throne in a fur-lined coat and wearing a golden crown
Greg Hicks in David Farr's King Lear.
Photo by Manuel Harlan © RSC Browse and license our images

Cast & Creatives


Charles Aitken - Edgar
Adam Burton - Knight/Messenger/Captain
Brian Doherty - King of France
Darrell D'Silva - Kent
Phillip Edgerley - Knight/Doctor/Servant/Albany's Officer
Geoffrey Freshwater - Gloucester
Paul Hamilton - Knight/Cornwall's Servant
Greg Hicks - King Lear
Janes Howard - Knight
Kelly Hunter - Goneril
Ansu Kabia - Burgundy/Herald/British Soldier 
Tunji Kasim - Edmund
John Mackay - Albany
Sandy Neilson - Knight 
Sophie Russell - Fool
Christopher Saul - Lear's Gentleman
Clarence Smith - Cornwall
Katy Stephens - Regan
James Tucker - Oswald
Hannah Young - Nurse 
Samantha Young - Cordelia
Larrington Walker - Knight/Old Man


Director - David Farr
Designer - Jon Bausor
Lighting - Jon Clark
Music - Keith Clouston
Sound - Christopher Shutt
Movement - Ann Yee
Fights - Kate Waters

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