Here you can access and download our new Activity Toolkits, designed to support students, families and teachers in learning about Shakespeare from home.

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The Activity Toolkits each contain a number of short 15 minute activities on each play. You can choose whether you want to work through them all and teach yourself a completely new play, or just pick the exercises that might help you revise or refresh your knowledge. 

Each activity also contains some extension suggestions that will take longer than 15 minutes but provide lots of different ideas for exploring the texts creatively at home. You can even share the things you create with the RSC using #ShareyourShakespeare


Macbeth Activity Toolkit

Romeo and Juliet Activity Toolkit

Hamlet Activity Toolkit

The Merchant of Venice Activity Toolkit

Adobe Digital Activities

Discover the basics of creating digital images, graphics and video with Adobe Spark. These creative activities complement the RSC Activity Toolkits and are perfect for independent and online learning.



Othello Activity Toolkit

Much Ado about Nothing Activity Toolkit