Explore photos from past productions of Coriolanus, Shakespeare's lesser-performed war play.


Directed by Gregory Doran and designed by Richard Hudson, this classical production featured William Houston as Coriolanus, Timothy West as Menenius and Janet Suzman as Volumnia.

Doran brought out the homoerotic undertones between Coriolanus and his enemy Aufidius (played by Trevor White), with the two characters kissing by torchlight.

It was the last production in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre before it was closed for redevelopment.


RSC founder Peter Hall directed Laurence Olivier as Coriolanus in this production.

Other notable actors involved were Vanessa Redgrave (Valeria), Robert Hardy (Sicinius Velutus) and Edith Evans (Volumnia). Albert Finney and Diana Rigg both played Roman citizens.

The set was designed by Boris Aronson, with costumes by Riette Sturge Moore and music by Roberto Gerhard.

Other productions

The troubled hero has also been played by Charles Dance, Ian Richardson and Alan Howard. View the gallery below to see pictures from some of these past performances.

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