Omar Elerian's telling of As You Like It featured a veteran company of actors including Geraldine James, Malcolm Sinclair and James Hayes.

The cast of As You Like It are dancing on stage. The band are suspended in a cage structure above them. The floor is lit with multi-coloured lights.
Photo by Ellie Kurttz © RSC Browse and license our images

When the cast of As You Like It returns to the rehearsal room after 40 years, memories are reawakened and old friends reconnect, but the rehearsal room is just the beginning and a journey full of surprises awaits.

Omar Elerian’s bold reimagining transported the audience to a world beyond the Forest of Arden where time stops and the clock unwinds to take them on an adventure where playfulness reigns. A production which celebrated age, imagination, and the power of theatre.

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Celia Bannerman - Phoebe
Maureen Beattie - Celia
Michael Bertenshaw - Oliver
Hannah Bristow - Player
Oliver Cotton - Jacques
David Fielder - Silvius
James Hayes - Touchstone
Geraldine James - Rosalind
Tyreke Leslie - Player
Mogali Masuku - Player
Christopher Saul - Jacques (alternate)
David Sibley - Corin
Malcolm Sinclair - Orlando
Robin Soans - Duke Senior/Duke Frederick/Hymen
Cleo Sylvestre - Audrey
Ewart James Walters - William/Charles the Wrestler
Rose Wardlaw - Player


Director - Omar Elerian
Designer - Ana Inés Jabares Pita
Lighting - Jackie Shemesh
Music - Will Gregory
Sound - Elena Peña
Movement - Annabel Arden and Jos Houben
Creative Associate - Tim Crouch
Dramaturg - Rebecca Latham
Music Director - Andy Taylor
Voice and Text - Nia Lynn
Music Associate - Alex Lee
Assistant Director - Nastazja Domaradzka
Design Assistant - Caitlin Abbott
Casting Director - Matthew Dewsbury

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