Nancy Meckler's production of All's Well That Ends Well was set in an unspecified time with a set which had a largely abstract design.

The show was designed by Katrina Lindsay. The costumes reflected the qualities of the characters: the young hero, the grieving countess, the lovesick young woman.

Helena was played by Joanna Horton and Bertram by Alex Waldman.

Nancy Meckler said: 'The play is rarely produced so I had only seen it once. I am really enjoying discovering all its qualities, The shifts from comedy to drama to romance are very sudden so it is a real challenge for a director. ... The play is neither a comedy or a tragedy and people are unsure whether its ending is a happy one. I think that is part of the reason it is called a "problem play". But I am really enjoying finding unexpected and surprising clues about the characters which give lots of opportunity for visual storytelling. One of its great strengths is its characters. They are bold, complex, romantic, and funny.'

Play Trailer

Cast & Creatives


Karen Archer - Widow 
Cliff Burnett - Rynaldo 
Charlotte Cornwell - Countess 
Kiza Deen - Violenta/Attendant 
Daniel Easton - Soldier/Ward 
David Fielder - Lafew 
Dave Fishley - Duke Of Florence 
Michael Grady-Hall - Soldier Interpreter 
Greg Hicks - King Of France 
Rosie Hilal - Mariana 
Mark Holgate - First Lord Dumaine 
Joanna Horton - Helena 
Chris Jared - Second Lord Dumaine 
Natalie Klamar - Diana 
Jonathan Slinger - Parolles 
John Stahl - Gentleman Astringer 
Samuel Taylor - Soldier/Lord 
Nicolas Tennant - Lavatch 
Alex Waldmann - Bertram 


Director - Nancy Meckler 
Designer - Katrina Lindsay 
Lighting - Tim Lutkin
Music - Keith Clouston 
Sound - Gregory Clarke 
Movement - Liz Ranken 
Fights - Malcolm Ranson
Video Designer - Maxwell White


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