“Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none”

Directed by Blanche McIntyre, this contemporary production of Shakespeare’s enduring dark comedy - exploring themes of romantic fantasy, toxic masculinity and consent – ran in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon in 2022.

Helena is convinced that she and wealthy Bertram are #CoupleGoals. He’s not so sure.

After engineering their betrothal, Helena will go to any length to bring her idealised version of romance to life. But what happens when the reality of their relationship doesn’t match up to the fantasy? And do the ends always justify the means?

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Bruce Alexander - King of France
Laila Alj - First Soldier
Micah Balfour - Older Dumain
Oscar Betterham - Lord 4/Second Soldier
Claire Benedict - The Countess
Sophie Cartman - Rinaldo/Duke of Florence
Callum Coates - Gentleman
Simon Coates – Lafeu
Matthew Duckett - Lord 3/First Gentleman
Will Edgerton - Lavache
Jessica Layde - Mariana
Funlola Olufunwa - Widow             
Olivia Onyehara - Diana                 
Ewan Orton - Lord 2/Escalus/Messenger
Thom Petty - 2nd Gentleman
Joeravar Sangha - Lord 1/Page/Antonio
Eloise Secker - Younger Dumain
Rosie Sheehy - Helena
Jamie Wilkes - Parolles
Benjamin Westerby - Bertram

Creative Team

Director - Blanche McIntyre
Designer - Robert Innes Hopkins           
Lighting - Richard Howell
Music - DJ Walde
Sound - Gregory Clarke
Video - Douglas O’Connell
Movement and Intimacy - Asha Jennings-Grant
Fights - Kate Waters
Music Director - Jack Hopkins
Text and Voice Work - Anna McSweeney

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