Information about some of the pension schemes for past and present RSC employees.


To help people save more for their retirement, the government now requires employers to enrol their workers into a qualifying workplace pension scheme. This applies to all workers who are not already a member of a qualifying workplace pension and who:

  • earn over £10,000 a year £833 a month, £192 per week
  • are aged 22 or over
  • work or usually work in the UK
  • are under State Pension age.

We offer all staff the opportunity to save for a pension, starting with relatively low contributions. These build over the next five years allowing new members to have a gradual start to building their pension.

We have committed to paying higher employer contributions than required by law and also offer employees (after three months) the opportunity to move to an enhanced contribution basis of 4% employee and 6% employer, even in the early years of lower minimum statutory rates.

If you're eligible: as well as your own contribution going into your pension fund, we will make a contribution, based on your pensionable salary, and your contributions will also receive tax relief. You can also join the workplace pension scheme with NOW Pensions before the deferral date if you want to.

If you're not eligible: if you are aged under 22 years, or over State Pension age (but under 75), or earn more than £5,772 (£481 a month, £111 per week) but not more than £10,000 a year (£833 a month, £192 per week), we won't automatically enrolling you into the pension scheme, because you don't meet the criteria set by the government, but you have the right to join the scheme if you want to. Both you and the RSC would pay into it. 

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The Royal Shakespeare Theatre
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Royal Shakespeare Theatre Retirement Benefit Scheme

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre Pension Scheme

Scheme Registration No. 10127867

This information relates to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Retirement Benefit scheme only (closed to new members in 2006).

This is a defined benefit scheme, set up to provide retirement benefits for RSC employees. It is governed by a definitive trust deed dated 20 April 1999.

In March 2003 the sponsoring employer advised the Trustees that until further notice it would decline to approve the admission of any new entrants to the scheme. Subsequently, and with effect from 30 June 2012, the Trustees approved the sponsoring employer's decision to close the scheme to further accrual of benefits for existing members.

Queries relating to members’ own benefits, should be made to:

Daniel Curtis
Scheme Administrator
XPS Administration
1 Colmore Row
B3 2BJ

0121 752 6610 or

Requests for additional information about the scheme generally should be made to the Scheme Secretary:

Helen Griffiths
Royal Shakespeare Theatre
Stratford upon Avon
CV37 6BB

Pension scams

At this current time, the danger from pension scammers is high and we encourage you to think carefully before making any decisions about your pension based on recent events. Please seek independent financial advice and seek out the FCA’s guidance before proceeding with any transfer that you are not sure about.

Pension scams can be hard to spot but their effects are devastating, with many people losing their life savings. While promising high returns and low risk, in reality, pension scams can leave you with nothing. In addition, you could then face a high tax bill from HM Revenue and Customs if you withdraw your savings before age 55.

Scams often involve unusual, high-risk investments like overseas property, renewable energy bonds, forestry, parking or storage units. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Anyone can be a victim of a pension scam, no matter how savvy you think you are. For more information about pension scams and how to avoid them, please see

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