A relaxed performance is where the ambience of the auditorium and theatre 'rules' are relaxed.

These performances are ideal for people with learning disabilities or autism, or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment. A relaxed performance will have: 

  • Heightened lighting where you sit in the auditorium 
  • A 'chill-out' room where you and the people you come with can go to if they need quiet time during the show 

The director and the actors and technical team on the show will also have thought carefully about what might need to change in the show so that people's needs have been considered. For instance, very loud noises or music might be turned down or specific movements or lines might be adapted slightly.

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A visual story is produced for each relaxed performance. This is sent out before the show so that you have an opportunity to read it, share or study the information. These give a lot of detail on:

  • The theatre where the show will be
  • Who you will meet and what they will look like - both in the theatre and in the show
  • The plot of the show
  • Anything else we think is important for you to know

You can download a sample visual story from a past production to give you an idea of what you will receive before the show.