A chilled performance takes a more casual approach to noise and movement in the auditorium, but the performance itself is unchanged.

This performance is ideal for people who feel more at ease knowing they can go in and out of the auditorium during the show including people with dementia. This performance is for everybody and babes in arms are welcome (not walking or requiring their own seat).

Deputy Artistic Director Erica Whyman says: ‘Some people love to make an occasion of a theatre trip - but others are put off by the feeling that they have to obey rules. We want to make sure we are opening our doors as wide as possible. Chilled Performances mean that someone with dementia is free to ask a companion what is going on in the show if they get lost, or a parent with a babe in arms can come along without worrying, knowing they can leave the auditorium and come back as they need. Chilled Performances are a great reminder of how theatre can bring people together.’

Audience feedback from our first Chilled Performance

‘It was wonderful to be able to take our granddaughter to a chilled performance that we could enjoy.’

‘The general atmosphere was more relaxed and less intense. I felt less stressed and therefore more able to enjoy it.’

‘A publicly funded theatre should be available to all - a chilled performance ensures this.’

See a list of our upcoming chilled shows on our Assisted Performances page.

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